This is a special breathing technique for Karate. Ibuki breathing can be traced back to Buddhism and even to one particular sect called Hindu Yoga. Ibuki is similar to the Sumo and Kendo Kiai. When it is used to make a spirited attack on their opponent. Ibuki is a pure, perfect way of breathing. In Karate training it is one of the most important parts of training.


A. Bring your feet together and arm’s to the side, you should be totally relaxed and not moving, looking straight ahead.

B. Then moving into a difference stance called Sanchin Dachi or half Heiko Dachi, draw your arms in a large circle, moving very slowly all the time. While you roll your arms in a large circle, breath in air slowly and quietly until you have taken in as much as you can.

C. The breathing in motion should stop when your arms have crossed above the head.


D. As the arms comes down. The expulsion of the air should begin. Normal breathing is done by inflating the lungs and then deflating the difference with Ibuki is that the breathing is done with the stomach. The Japanese name for this part of the stomach is called tanden if translated it means the soul. The tanden being the center of the soul. From this point the air is forced out. The Larynx, the upper structure at the upper end of the trachea in the throat should be closed as small as possible. The air should be forced out through this small orifice making a very loud noise. Continue this until all the air is out. Your muscles should be totally locked and tight.

E. With all the air out, the tension should be kepted for a period of two seconds.

F. The last air in the mouth should then be force out making a short “Ka” sound. This is then the strongest posture. Ibuki is training for gathering power in a very short time.